Radio Show Recap with World Cup Soccer Star Lauren Sesselmann Interview

by Dr Fitness on June 1, 2014

Mighty Mom runs into old friend Mike Lenhart at a 5k in Charlotte. Dr Fitness saves a guy on the Greenway. Plus he gives his tips on what to do if you discover an injured person while out exercising. The Fat Guy reviews the Shine fitness device.

Our guest today was Lauren Sesselmann star of  “Fit As a Pro” DVDs. These exercise dvds reflect the training she has created to be in her best personal shape ever. Unleash your inner athlete with Lauren’s two new Fit As A Pro DVDs. One would think that an Olympic athlete would spend hours at the gym but the fact is that Lauren is generally on the road 15 nights each month! She’s learned to get her fitness in where ever and whenever she can. She can help any busy person get into gold-medal shape right at home.

It was the training that took her, as part of the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team, to their gold medal win at the 2011 Pan American Games and bronze medal in the Summer, 2012 Olympics. Once a fan of heavy weights, squatting 300 pounds, Sesselmann credits these moves with giving her the speed, agility, strength and flexibility to excel on the field and off. This is the same training she’s doing to prepare for the 2015 World Cup. Lauren is one of two women to compete both for Canada and in the US. Most recently playing for Kansas City, she’ll be playing defense for the National Women’s Soccer League’s new Houston Dash this fall. She’s also making her acting debut in a thriller, “Dark Awakening” later this year.

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