Radio Show Recap: Mighty Mom’s Last Show and Interview with Stop Only Sugar Author

by Dr Fitness on September 14, 2014

Mighty Mom competes against her husband in a triathlon and would have won if she didn’t stop and save a drowning swimmer. Dr Fitness goes deep sea fishing and was the only one not to throw up. He also resolved a customer service problem on Twitter.

Our guest today was Dr. James Surrell. He  is a double board-certified surgeon and author of the best-selling short and simple SOS diet book, SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet. Because the SOS diet is so easy, tens of thousands of book readers have not only lost 5 to 8 pounds per month, they keep the weight off because the SOS Diet is so easy to follow.

Here are ALL the simple SOS Diet rules:

1) Low Sugar,

2) High Fiber

3) No More Rules

Further, because excess refined sugar is the only dietary substance that raises cholesterol, on the SOS Diet, cholesterol frequently comes down to normal levels, and the need for medications is often eliminated. Get his book at his website

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