Radio Show Recap: Mighty Mom Gets A New Tattoo. Strength Training Tips From Tom Kelso

by Dr Fitness on February 10, 2013

Mighty Mom shows off her new tattoo – guess where her other ones are (and what they are) and she’ll send you some exercise dvds. We also talked about the Super Bowl. And spent some time discussing how overweight women are stealing all the movies lately.

Our guest today was Tom Kelso with St Louis Law Enforcement. He was written extensively about fitness and health. And today shared lots of strength training tips.  He covered a lot of ground

  • Don’t follow a pro athlete’s workout from a magazine and expect the same results
  • Shore up your eating for fat loss
  • Muscles aren’t that smart to get confused
  • Lots of tips for women who want to get stronger without bulking up
  • Bottom line work harder
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