Radio Show Recap: Katy Bowman Move Your DNA Interview

by Dr Fitness on October 5, 2014

Dr Fitness is running again. His kid organized a basketball tournament in his neighborhood. His new favorite frozen food is Amy’s Kitchen. Tips for people suffering from kidney stones – drink more water. And the Tesla is both Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy’s new favorite car.

Our guest today was biomechanics scientist Katy Bowman author of the book Move Your DNA  According to  Katy, modern humans have manifested so-called “diseases of affluence” for a rather simple reason. We are not moving our bodies in all the ways that nature intended, instead repeating only a few postures and movements with little variation. In her science-based yet easy to understand book, ”Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement”, Bowman challenges many of the most widely held beliefs about getting healthy. “MoveYour DNA” is available on Amazon and bookstores everywhere.

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