Radio Show Recap Dr Fitness Loses a Tooth and Drives a Tesla. Interview with Leslie Sansone

by Dr Fitness on March 29, 2015

┬áDr Fitness lost a tooth and found a great natural pain reliever called clove oil. He experienced the dreaded dry socket dentists always warn you about. He also drove a Tesla in insane mode and he said it hurt him. The Fat Guy went to Los Angeles and hung out briefly with Hungry Girl. Their was also a spirited debate about Howard Stern’s feelings about podcasting.

Our guest today was Leslie Sansone America’s #1 walking expert. She is kicking off a 30 day walking challenge on She also has some new exercise dvds to get you walking at home – no matter the weather. Some highlights from the interview include Leslie looking back at the early days even talking about her very first video. Please go to to learn more. All her dvds can be found there or at any retailer.

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