Radio Show Recap: Coffee Is Good For You Says Healthy Skeptic Robert J Davis. Billy Blanks Jr’s New Hip Hop Dance Exercise DVD

by Dr Fitness on January 26, 2012

 Robert J. Davis, PhD, is an award-winning health journalist whose work has appeared on CNN, PBS, and WebMD, and in The Wall Street Journal. He is founder and editor-in-chief of and the author of two books, Coffee Is Good for You and The Healthy Skeptic: Cutting Through the Hype About Your Health. He also teaches at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health. A graduate of Princeton University, he holds a master’s degree in public health from Emory and a PhD in health policy from Brandeis University, where he was a Pew Foundation Fellow.

Robert talked about which supplements you should take and which ones you can stop wasting your money on. He explained the health benefits of alcoholic beverages (not just red wine) and a bunch of other great health tips. His books are great for the person who gets confused with all the conflicting reports and studies about health and nutrition that we are bombarded with.

We closed the show with Billy Blanks Jr who told us all about his brand new exercise dvd titled Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix?.This 50 minute exercise dvd features super quick 10 minute hip hop dance  workouts that will get you moving, sweating and burning fat. Billy has been going out to schools in an effort to get the kids moving again. He finds that teaching dance related moves helps beginners start exercising faster and stick with it longer than more traditional fitness moves. Dancing is fun and a great workout. Billy is trying to get on Dancing With The Stars so if you have any connections with the show please tell them to pick Billy as a contestant.  Check out Billy’s FaceBook page to stay up to date with all his latest moves as well as his Dance with Me certification for fitness professionals.


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Chris @ Coffee Health Benefits February 3, 2012 at 4:44 am

I just love reading about all these wonderful posts about coffee, so much new posts to keep up with. I surely need to get those two books written by Robert L . David. I’m so glad to know that drinking Coffee doesn’t have a negative impact on my health, aren’t you :)

Thanks for a wonderful post,


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