Forget the P90X – Take the Supreme 90 Day Exercise DVD Workout System Challenge For Just $20

by on May 9, 2011

What is that you say? Twenty buck for an exercise dvd series that is suspiciously similar to the P90X workout and a fraction of the price. Try it for yourself and see. This exercise video series is produced by Cal Pozo, is hosted by Tom Holland and the nutrition plan is by Tosca Reno. So how bad can it be.

We interviewed John Dull and Michelle Collier the brains behind the Supreme 90 Day exercise video system. This is a workout that is great for beginners and will challenge the most fit professional athlete as well. You do this workout 6 days a week. You use a different dvd each day – so you never get bored. You mix up the workouts to confuse your muscles so they respond better.

They say their Workout system is more intense and less expensive than the P90X exercise dvd package. We´re talking just $20 for the complete set of dvds and nutrition plan ™ so check it out on their website or buy it in stores everywhere. If you want to get into bikini body shape then give this a try. All you need is a stability ball, some hand weights and twenty bucks ™ how can you go wrong? Take the Supreme 90 Day Challenge!

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Brian May 12, 2011 at 9:57 am

I totally agree with you about supreme 90 day. I actually have both programs and to anyone starting out with exercise I would recommend Supreme 90 day over P90X just merely for the price. Make sure you are going to stay with it. You could always invest in the other later.


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