Behind The Scenes of Your Favorite Exercise DVD with Fitness DVD Producer to the Stars Cal Pozo

by on August 11, 2010

On today´s show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy had on Cal Pozo, the legendary fitness and dance producer of over 300 best selling exercise  video titles. He shared some hilarious behind the scenes stories about your favorite fitness video stars. Stories about how some women don’t like sweating on camera and what he does about that. He talked about Bob Harper’s exercise dvd. Did you know that almost all exercise dvds are unscripted and are done with only a day or two of rehearsals? In fact everyone you see on the fitness video might have just met only days before the shoot. Cal talked about the fans who love exercise dvds and he believes that anyone can dance – people of any body size can learn to dance and do any of the exercise routines if they put their mind to it. Cal has worked with them all from Bob Harper to Denise Austin to Leslie Sansone all the way to Regis Philbin. If you are thinking about producing your own exercise dvd you have to contact Cal. Check out his website or

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