Dr Fitness lost a tooth and found a great natural pain reliever called clove oil. He experienced the dreaded dry socket dentists always warn you about. He also drove a Tesla in insane mode and he said it hurt him. The Fat Guy went to Los Angeles and hung out briefly with Hungry Girl. Their was also a spirited debate about Howard Stern’s feelings about podcasting.

Our guest today was Leslie Sansone America’s #1 walking expert. She is kicking off a 30 day walking challenge on MyFitnessPal.com. She also has some new exercise dvds to get you walking at home – no matter the weather. Some highlights from the interview include Leslie looking back at the early days even talking about her very first video. Please go to LeslieSansone.com to learn more. All her dvds can be found there or at any retailer.


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Dr Fitness gave out dried fruit for Halloween while the Fat Guy gave out candy cigarettes. Who would you rather party with?

Our guests to day were Dave Ordini with KravNewYork.com NYC’s best Krav Maga studio.

We also welcomed back Michael Feigin with FitnessGuruNYC.com who has a new line of stuff at www.westelm.com


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Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy Review the Week

October 19, 2014

Fat Guy took his kid to defensive driving class where they skid, hydroplane and do other cool stuff with professional drivers teach them how to make evasive maneuvers – and its free – check them out at Drivers Edge Dr Fitness is taking swing dancing lessons without his wife. The Fat Guy hung out [...]

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Radio Show Recap: Katy Bowman Move Your DNA Interview

October 5, 2014

Dr Fitness is running again. His kid organized a basketball tournament in his neighborhood. His new favorite frozen food is Amy’s Kitchen. Tips for people suffering from kidney stones – drink more water. And the Tesla is both Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy’s new favorite car. Our guest today was biomechanics scientist Katy Bowman [...]

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Radio Show Recap: Mighty Mom’s Last Show and Interview with Stop Only Sugar Author

September 14, 2014

Mighty Mom competes against her husband in a triathlon and would have won if she didn’t stop and save a drowning swimmer. Dr Fitness goes deep sea fishing and was the only one not to throw up. He also resolved a customer service problem on Twitter. Our guest today was Dr. James Surrell. He  is a [...]

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Radio Show Recap Back From Vacation Plus Interview With PaddleBoarding Expert

August 17, 2014

Mighty Mom is back running again but her hubby tore his ACL again. The Fat Guy got measured by his personal trainer. And Dr Fitness broke his foot. Today we talked about the Health & Fitness Benefits of Stand-Up Paddleboarding with Jake Wisse, the National Sales Manager for Aqua-Bound/Bending Branches Paddles and has worked in the paddlesports industry [...]

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Beef & The Peachtree Road Race

July 7, 2014

Very few people race the Peachtree Road Race. Tens of thousands experience it.  Count me as one of the later. In one of the most evenly egalitarian races out there, 28, 478 men finished the race and 28,693 women crossed the finish line.  Over 57,000 people and only 107.5 people in one direction kept this [...]

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Radio Show Recap with World Cup Soccer Star Lauren Sesselmann Interview

June 1, 2014

Mighty Mom runs into old friend Mike Lenhart at a 5k in Charlotte. Dr Fitness saves a guy on the Greenway. Plus he gives his tips on what to do if you discover an injured person while out exercising. The Fat Guy reviews the Shine fitness device. Our guest today was Lauren Sesselmann star of [...]

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Warrior Dash 2014 – The Year of Redemption! (Strength in Moms post)

April 17, 2014

Last April I was at a loss for words…I had just completed my 4th Warrior Dash with my childhood bestie and was shocked at the debacle unfolding in front of my very eyes. I am not going to rehash how unbelievable the situation really was, but I am sure that the race directors were well [...]

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Radio Show Recap The Doctors Dr Ian Smith Talks Super Shred Diet

April 13, 2014

 Mighty Mom survived Disney with her kids. The Fat Guy is back from Vegas a little wiser. Dr Fitness began his summer Springsteen Tour in Virginia. For a fun drinking game count how many times Mighty Mom drools over Dr Ian and Dr Travis. Tonight we interviewed, for the second time, Dr Ian Smith from [...]

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